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New Video – Genesis Chapter One


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2 thoughts on “New Video – Genesis Chapter One

  1. I think you meant to comment on my post “A Day in the Bible.”

    I agree that a day is 24 hours. I think you miss the point. The point is that the 24 hour period didnt start at 6pm. It started in the morning. See the Bible verses. The 24 hours are broken down to 12 hours in the day, and 12 hours in the night. Any legitimate rebuttal must be from the Bible where it is plainly stated otherwise.

  2. Doug on said:

    Your posting on a “Day” is eisegesis. It is extremely tangled and illogical. You are basing your argument on a 12 hour day.
    Gen. 1:5 first day. God established the pattern of creation in seven days, which constituted a complete week. “Day” can refer to: 1) the light portion of a 24-hour period (1:5, 14); 2) an extended period of time (2:4); or 3) the 24-hour period which basically refers to a full rotation of the earth on its axis, called evening and morning. This cannot mean an age, but only a day, reckoned by the Jews from sunset to sunset (1:8, 13, 19, 23, 31). “Day” with numerical adjectives in Hebrew always refers to a 24-hour period. Comparing the order of the week in Ex. 20:8–11 with the creation week confirms this understanding of the time element. Such a cycle of light and dark means that the earth was rotating on its axis, so that there was a source of light on one side of the earth, though the sun was not yet created (Gen. 1:16).

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