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The World is Getting More Anti-God and Anti-Christian every day!

The world is becoming more anti-Christian every day. Here are just two examples. There are many more.

Here is on article about a Street Evangelist being arrested for preaching at Wimbledon in London.
This is coming to America soon. Christian, what will you do when your choice is silence or arrest? Hopefully we’ll get raptured first. If not, realize that the world has to get to the point of real hatred toward Christians, because during the tribulation Christians will have their heads cut off (Rev. 20:4). Now that SCOTUS has joined Obama, both backing gay marriage, the laws against gay marriage will fall, one after another. Then it’s just a matter of time until preaching against homosexuality will be against the law. Get ready. It’s coming. And it will separate the true Christians from those in sheeps clothing!
Here’s the video. The arrest happens at the end.

Here is a video of two Christians being attacked by homosexuals.
This is what “gay rights” are bringing to America! This is only the beginning! Homosexuals cant stand anyone to have freedom of speech, other than themselves! They want the freedom to PUBLICALLY flaunt their wickedness, but they will NOT put up with anyone else’s freedom!! America is on the highway to hell (Psalm 9:17)!!

(Beware – there is foul language in the video)

Christian, dont be surprised if this happens in America soon. If you don’t use your rights, you will soon lose them. Christians need to be out witnessing in these last, wicked days.


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One thought on “The World is Getting More Anti-God and Anti-Christian every day!

  1. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you !

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