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Baphomet & the Roman Catholic Jesus

This is a short study to show the Roman Catholic Jesus is related to the satanic Baphomet. Notice first the picture of the statue of Baphomet, which was recently in the news. The hand sign of the first two fingers together is satanic, as shown on the statue. This satanic hand gesture is used by the Roman Catholic priests when they make the sign of the cross. It is sometimes called the benediction gesture and is used by the priests when they perform blessings. Notice also that it is a main gesture of the Baphomet statue. It sticks out more than the other features and it gives an important message that this is the sign of Baphomet. Notice next the Roman Catholic pictures of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Jesus is giving a satanic salute. Just one more evidence that the Roman Catholic church is anti-Christ.
Catholic Jesus3
catholic Jesus
Catholic Jesus1
catholic Jesus2
Catholic Jesus5
abo makar 3


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